Withings Wifi Scale Review
Sep 2016

Withings Wifi Scale Review

Withings Wifi Scale









  • The weight in process takes around 5 seconds or less


  • Withings Wifi Scale can change by as much as 2% at any given time.

Withings declared two new WiFi scales, however, one and only of them truly got any consideration – the new Body Cardio scale. Withings wifi body scale you need precise weight and fat estimations, in addition to your Body Mass Index, this Withings Scale is an awesome gadget to pick. It has alternatives to pick the right body sort to get precise fat estimations. One of most loved elements about this gadget is that it likewise can be utilized to check air contamination.

It additionally utilizes Gravity Compensation to ensure you are effectively measuring yourself. Another awesome component is having the capacity to track your outcomes with a PDA. The principal thing about the Withing Wifi Scale is that you need to associate it with a PC or advanced mobile phone to set it up. The advanced mobile phone must be either Android or Apple.

The client profile consequently distinguishes who is remaining on the stage, if two individuals are about the same weight you can choose the right profile when you measure yourself. This gadget has worked in alternatives to associate with various web administrations like “Runkeeper” and “Myfitnesspal”. You don’t need to tap the scale before you step on it like different models, so there is no holding up or “focusing” before you utilize it. The LCD show gives all of you estimation data rapidly and in the arrangement. General I think this is an incredible Smart Scale, and ought to help you achieve your weight reduction objectives.

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The Pros:

  • The online profile is anything but difficult to set up and empowers you to consistently keep tabs on your development.
  • The charts are point by point and it’s really fulfilling to watch it move in the right bearing.
  • The glass surface looks tasteful and the moderate configuration is pleasant. Also, the scale opposes buildup so it’s anything but difficult to peruse even in a restroom loaded with steam after a morning shower.
  • As Withings Wifi Scale interfaces with your home’s Wi-Fi and you get to your FitBit account through it, all your advancement is 100% private.
  • The weight in the process takes around 5 seconds or less.


The Cons:

  • It’s hard to decide how precise the body fat reading really is. Withings Wifi Scale can change by as much as 2% at any given time.
  • Withings Wifi Scale can be hard to interface the scales to your Wi-Fi and you may need to position the scales by the switch.

About the Product (In Amazon)

  • Programmed transfer of your estimations in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Ultra exact weight and body fat percentage ratios estimation with position control
  • Heart rate estimation by venturing on the scale and dense indoor air quality following


The scale interface is intended to help clients focus on the item to get precise readings. Clients who endeavor to keep away from exact readings by shaking on their heels or toes will see values change.


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