Weight Guru Digital Body Scale Review
Sep 2016

Weight Guru Digital Body Scale Review

Weight Guru Digital Body Scale

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  • Five-year guarantee with this scale


  • Doesn't have auto transferring.


With hi-tech Weight Guru Digital Body Scale, you can adjust your outcomes with a smartphone. This was one of the trickiest gadgets to test. It took a while to get used to the greater part of the components. Quality and point of interest are seen when you open the container of the Weight Gurus Digital Scale. the Weight Gurus Digital Scale has a simple to peruse 4.4 inch LCD Display, with a brilliant blue backdrop illumination which regards read in any lighting condition, The position of safety, smooth, up-to-date treated glass configuration would look great in any closet. It has choices to match up with your advanced cell and accompanies the weight master application designed for iOS and Android.

You need to utilize your camera to take a photo of a standardized tag that shows up on the showcase to synchronize your outcomes with an advanced cell. Generally speaking, I think at the cost this is the best value for your money. The Weight Gurus Digital Body Fat Scale is a moderately essential instrument to help you deal with disposing of undesirable fat. Be that as it may, you have to hit your cell phone across over it to transfer information, which is somewhat of a bother gone against with scales with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi availability.

Though some may see the absence of remote following a disservice, we trust the nature of the scale and especially the moderateness is well justified, despite all the trouble. To the extent Weightless Technology goes, we don’t see much indicate it, who won’t do the fast math to perceive the amount they weigh? In the event that you are searching for a passage level estimated following skeleton, top quality and backing with sensible looks then Weight Gurus is the scale we exceptionally prescribe.

The Pros:

You get a five-year guarantee with this scale, which is amazingly long in the state of closet scales.

The Cons:

Weight Guru Digital Body Scale doesn’t have auto transferring. Rather, you have to filter the scale’s showcase with your cell phone so as to record information.


About the Product (In Amazon)

  • Measure 6 key wellbeing measurements and keep tabs on your development by matching up the outcomes to your cell phone.
  • Exact: Within .01 lbs. MEASURES: weight, BMI, body fat, bulk, hydration, bone thickness.
  • Exchange RESULTS to our free application utilizing your telephone’s camera. Coordinates WITH well-known wellness applications.
  • Individual CUSTOMER SERVICE: Get answers from the group at our St. Louis central command. 2-YEAR WARRANTY.
  • Improving THINGS: We make brilliant items that offer back to our philanthropy accomplice Love146.


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