Omron HBF-514c full body composition sensing monitor and scale review
Sep 2016

Omron HBF-514c full body composition sensing monitor and scale review

Omron HBF-514C

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  • Permits you to pick the estimation you like best


  • The sensors additionally don't appear to give a precise reading


There are presently a large group of great gadgets available equipped for examining and monitoring your wellness information. The HBF-514C Body Composition Monitor from Omron is intended to help you stay up with the latest with your wellness objectives and has various fascinating components. Continue perusing to figure out whether Omron HBF-514C is the right body scale for you.

  1. Additional Sensors: This Omron model has 6 sensors went against with 4 in different scales. This empowers Omron HBF-514C to give clinically exact readings.
  2. 7 Fitness Metrics: The scale measures weight, body age, body fat percentage, instinctive fat, skeletal muscle, BMI and resting digestion system.
  3. Profile Settings: Up to 4 individuals can make profiles on the scale and it has 90 days of memory.
  4. Computerized Screen: Its screen is intended to be anything but difficult to peruse and permits you to measure yourself in seconds.
  5. Additional items: Its greatest limit is 330 pounds and it has a retractable line which implies grown-ups up to 2 meters tall can utilize it.

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The Pros:

  • Omron HBF-514C quantities in kilos and pounds which permit you to pick the estimation you like best.
  • The 7 unique estimations permit you to watch out for your wellbeing without scheduling a physical checkup. While BMI is seen as superfluous in the wellness world, measurements, for example, body fat percentage, resting digestion system and instinctive fat are all key wellbeing pointers.
  • The additional sensors likewise enhance the clearness of the scale. They work by sending a little electrical sign through the body. While other body scales may give off base readings because of additional water in your legs, this Omron model takes estimations from hands and feet to guarantee a precise perusing.
  • For a great many people, the 90-day memory is ample as ideally you will be well-making progress toward accomplishing your wellness objectives. The 4 singular profiles guarantee the whole family can participate.
  • Omron HBF-514C accompanies batteries included which are advantageous and it additionally has a log sheet to help you monitor your wellness.

The Cons:

  • Omron HBF-514C doesn’t seem, by all accounts, to be precise on the off chance that you have a strong form so it isn’t a decent decision for athletes or bodybuilders.
  • The sensors additionally don’t appear to give a precise reading in case you’re sweating or have a fever.


About the Product (in Amazon)

  • Measures 7 distinctive wellness markers: body fat percentage, BMI, skeletal muscle, resting digestion system, instinctive fat, body age, and weight
  • Precisely measures body fat utilizing shown bioelectrical impedance strategy
  • Simple to-peruse advanced screen shows body weight up to 330 pounds in seconds
  • Saves to 4 singular profile settings so the entire family can keep tabs on their development with 90 days of memory
  • Retractable string makes it appropriate for grown-up clients up to 6′ 6 3/4″ tall


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